Top reasons to accept a home purchase offer

by Weichert Realtors- Brandon Realty 07/07/2024

Top reasons to accept a home purchase offer featured image

With the constant flow and moving parts of the real estate market, as a home seller, you may feel the urge to jump on the opportunity to finalize the sell of your home as soon as you receive an offer. However, taking time to review some key facts before accepting an offer letter can help you make a well-informed decision and boost up your earning potential. 

Review your home selling goals

Before accepting an offer, review your home selling goals to make sure everything aligns. Is the amount offered within the range you were aiming for? Does the offer make your home selling journey easier, or will it require extra work, such as the proposal for extra improvements to be done to the property (for example, an updated roof)?  

If a proposal fails to meet your home selling goals, you may want to counter or reject the offer. On the other hand, if an offer to purchase falls in line with your home selling goals, you may want to approve the proposal.

Consider your home selling timeline

As you start to receive offer letters for your home, it’s essential to consider the timeline in which you’d like to sell the property. If you receive an offer slightly below your initial asking price from a buyer equipped to finalize the sell as soon as possible, you may be more prompt to accept the offer if you need to move out quickly. 

Consult a real estate agent

When you receive an offer to purchase your home, a real estate agent can provide expert information to help you decide if an offer is worth accepting. If the offer is below expectation, they can advocate on your behalf and help you counteroffer or help you in deciding to decline.  

Even though the home selling process can be stressful, it’s important to take your time as you make decisions each step of the way and collaborate with a real estate professional who has your best interest in mind.